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Advantages of doing business in Serbia

  • Favorable location The country is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, near the borders of the European Union and Eastern European countries, which provides owners of Serbian companies access to the market of the EU, South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
  • Duty free export of goods Serbia has a number of free trade agreements, which allows the export of goods without payment of state duties.
  • Stable banking system Reliable banks with favorable rates and simple account opening procedures allow foreigners to make transactions in all currencies of the world.
  • Lowest company maintenance costs Low electricity and gas tariffs, low rents, and no minimum wage thresholds provide favorable conditions for business activities and make Serbia a competitive country in the business sector.
Beneficial tax rates Double taxation agreements and low rates allow the owner of a company registered in the country to develop its business with minimal financial costs.

Taxation in Serbia

  • Corporate tax — 15 % (no profit threshold for turnover);
  • Income tax for legal entities — 15 %
  • Income tax for individuals — 10 %
  • Capital gains tax — 15 %
Taxes on source of income:
  • Dividends — 20 %
  • VAT — 20 %
  • Royalty — 20 %

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Business opportunities in Serbia

  • Инфраструктура
    Infrastructure Serbia is a European country with a booming economy and a candidate status for EU accession. The Republic is working hard on the development of quality infrastructure and welcomes foreign investments. That is why financial investments in this sector will be profitable for foreign businessmen.
  • Сельское
    Agriculture Agriculture is one of the leading spheres of the Serbian economy with the annual turnover of 12 billion EUR. The main export products are berries, fruits, vegetables and cereals. The country also sells sugar and wine in large quantities. Investments in this sector will open new opportunities for the investor to increase their income.
  • Энергетика 
    Electric power industry The industry is actively developing and provides many options for investing and starting a business. The country is producing oil, gas and lignite, as well as developing hydropower and renewable energy sources. A foreign entrepreneur who has invested in this sector receives new opportunities for developing their business.
  • Обрабатывающая промышленность
    Manufacturing industry This is one of the most developed industry of the Serbian economy. The main directions are mechanical engineering and metal processing. Investments in industry open new opportunities for investments in capital growth and business development.
  • IT-технологии
    IT technologies Serbia has made a big step in the development of information and communication technologies. A lot of programs for specialized education, advanced training and knowledge support at a sufficiently high level have been implemented. One of the most popular areas for business is software development.
  • Логистика
    Logistics Transport of goods is one of the most profitable spheres in Serbia. Favorable geographic location of the republic allows it to transport goods all over Europe, both in EU countries and in Eastern European countries. The logistics industry makes it possible for foreign entrepreneurs to open a business in a promising area and bring it to European level.
  • Туризм
    Tourism Serbia has a rich history, authentic culture and centuries-old traditions. There are a lot of attractions located on the territory of the country, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which makes the tourist sphere quite a popular destination.

Types of legal entities in Serbia

  • Individual entrepreneur This legal form of business organization is suitable for a private individual who is planning to do business in Serbia. In order to do so, he/she needs to register his/her sole possession of the company in the General Register of Enterprises in order to continue earning income. The businessman bears all responsibility for the obligations or possible damages, and the expenses are covered from his property.
  • Limited Liability Partnership Such a company is established by at least two founders: the limited liability partner and the general partner. In this case, the company is opened for the purpose of conducting common business under one logo and further joint profit making. General partner is fully liable for all obligations of the enterprise, and the second founder is only liable within the limits of his share in the authorized capital.
  • LLC (limited liability company) The most popular form of business organization in the country. To establish it you need a share capital of 1 EUR and more. Also in the management of the company must be a director, shareholder, secretary, legal representative in Serbia, and a registered auditor. Each participant of the LLC has its share in the share capital and is liable only within the limits of the contributed share. The rights of the shareholders are also distributed with respect to their share in the share capital.
  • Joint-stock company The value of the company's share capital is formed from the sum of all the shares of the company, and the amount of the share capital is formed from the shares of the founders. There must be three directors, a shareholder and a secretary in order to establish a JSC. The amount of the share capital is at least 25,000 EUR, but before the registration of the company all shareholders need to contribute 25% to the share capital.
Additional types of business organization for existing foreign companies:
  • Branch A branch in Serbia is a company that is an official part of a foreign company and operates in the territory of the republic on behalf of the owners of the parent company. This type of business must have a legal representative in Serbia and a local office. The main foreign company is responsible for all working obligations of the branch, and the branch is a tax resident of Serbia.
  • Representative Office This legal form is not a separate legal entity in Serbia, but only a separate part of the foreign enterprise operating in Serbia. A representative office is engaged in organizational, research and promotional activities in Serbia in order to promote the goods and services of the main foreign company in the local market.

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Steps of business registration in Serbia

  • Contacting iWorld During the first consultation, iWorld migration specialist will explain in detail about the procedure, answer all your questions and offer to sign an agreement on cooperation.
  • Choosing of business activity iWorld employee will help you to choose a sphere of activity and commercial name of the company, and also will reserve the company name, if you wish so.
  • Preparation of constituent documents An authorized iWorld lawyer will gather all documents required to create a legal entity in Serbia, and file the dossier, in accordance with all legal regulations of the Republic.
  • Opening a personal account An iWorld representative will help you to open an account in a bank in Serbia which you can use for your business activity.
  • Filing and incorporation iWorld lawyer will assist you in filing documents to the state registrar to open a business and pay all required fees.
  • Opening a corporate bank account iWorld certified attorney will help you open a corporate bank account in one of the financial institutions in Serbia, which is necessary for development of your business.
  • Serbian residence permit registration After registration of business iWorld lawyers will prepare all required documents, prepare dossier and submit it to state migration authority. As soon as the representatives of the state body make a decision on granting the status of a Serbian resident, you will receive a corresponding document.

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  • Contract based services iWorld only provides services to its clients based on an official bilateral agreement outlining all of the rights and obligations of both parties. This document is a guarantee of security for both clients and the company.
  • Confidentiality of personal information iWorld uses advanced data encryption security technology, which allows the company to provide clients with full anonymity and protection of personal information from disclosure to third parties.
  • Full legal support The company's experts provide comprehensive support throughout the process of business registration in Serbia, including preparation and submission of documents, tracking the progress of the case and opening bank accounts.

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In the process of obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to visit Belgrade once in order to open a corporate account and submit the documents for a residence permit. After 2 to 3 days, the applicant can leave the country while waiting for the card to be issued or stay in Serbia if they wish. The waiting period for the issuance of the residence card is 30 days.

A migration lawyer prepares all necessary documents for opening a company. Based on the power of attorney obtained on behalf of the applicant, he registers the company.

A temporary resident does not need any special permit to be legally employed. Also, relatives of the main applicant, who obtained a residence permit at the same time with him or later on family reunification, have the right to work legally.

You do not need to know the Serbian language in order to apply for a residence permit. Basic language skills are only needed for the further process of immigration.

By becoming a tax resident, a foreign entrepreneur is exempt from double taxation due to the agreement between Serbia and most CIS countries. Therefore, he/she has the right not to pay taxes in the home country. The contributions to the pension and health insurance fund are mandatory. By employing 4 Serbian citizens, business owner receives tax benefits.

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